CLASSES: If you're at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, I will be teaching by request at La Iguana Paradid Hostel in Santa Cruz La Laguna. 

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Yin yoga slows you down, takes you out of your comfort zone, and allows you to appreciate each pose for what it is. Alana peacefully guides you into the pose, calmly directs you as you settle into it and carefully transitions you to the full expression of your practice. My hips have a reputation for being tight. I’m a runner so relentless force on my hips is constant. Holding some of those hip openers was, without a doubt, challenging, but really loosened up my joints. After class I felt 1. Proud of holding those poses and 2. My hips felt more opened even while walking. The next day I did a scheduled 5 miler - no hip pain before or after!
— Michelle T.
Yin yoga has become a necessity to balance from my high stress job, that spills into my personal life far too often. I have learned to slow my mind and how to change my focus from daily racing thoughts to what my body needs. Alana has been an excellent teacher, her presence is very calming and i love the mantras and guidance she provides for each class. My favorite part of yin is being able to modify the positions to focus on my specific needs. The slow pace and long poses allows me to really sink into each pose and appreciate the effect it has on my mind and body. I always leave class refreshed and rested, most of the time ready for a good night’s sleep no matter how rough of a day/week it has been.
— Heather J.
Alana introduced me to Yin yoga and I am very grateful for that. I found that a Yin practice not only calms my body and mind, but it has also strengthened my vinyasa and Ashtanga practices by drastically improving my flexibility. It has also taught me to better control the breathe. Alana is a wonderful instructor. She has a calm, healing voice. During her class, my relaxation in each posture goes beyond the physical asana. My mind clears and I feel tension melt away. I would describe it as meditative bliss.
— Jessica F.