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No matter what your day or life brings you, my goal is to gift you space and time to explore self-love, discovery and healing through yoga and breath.

I have a deep connection with yin yoga, and I have made it my mission to share this practice with others.

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Welcome to my living room! Nothing better than free yoga, right?

I set out to do YouTube videos so I could share my passion of yin yoga, and other types of yoga to anyone, anywhere.

From beginner to advanced, you'll find a class suitable for your level or whatever you might need.

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Yin yoga is a transformational practice that integrates equal parts mind and body. It's a practice that forces you to confront your mind, and start discovery how different movements affect you. It is an amazing practice for any busy lifestyle, athlete or anyone seeking more calm in their life.

In a yin class, we focus on finding a passive pose and holding it for a few minutes at a time to target connective tissue (fascia), bones, tendons and joints. A traditional yin practice is very low to the ground, with focuses on the back, hips and legs. Yin yoga also works with energy channels (meridian lines) from Chinese Medicine to help balance our Chi. 

Although it may look easy, it can be an intense practice. As you continue your practice, you can begin exploring longer holds. A yin practice is a great way to begin a meditation practice, learn more about your body and release stress.

Benefits of Yin Yoga include:

- Improves flexibility and mobility, with strengthening of joints

- Feeling calm and relaxed

- Aids in relieving stress and anxiety

- Helps to unblock stagnant Chi

- Prepares you for meditation


Before I met you and started doing regular yin and meditation, I had problems with PTSD symptoms...and I’m glad to say today they’re gone! Thanks for your help.
— Jessica F.